Boca Kitchen Bar & Market

Boca Brandon

My husband and I decided to try Boca on a Saturday night. It is a farm to table restaurant located in Winthrop area in Riverview, Florida. From the outside it seems like a very stylish bistro restaurant and when I went in it was.

We were seated immediately because we got there around 5:20 PM. Our server was very pleasant and went over the menu. We were given cool water, tap water, unfiltered. The bar menu was interesting with the miles away for the origin of the brewery. This fits with the theme of the restaurant because we should buy local products.

The beer we chose was presented to us in cans and poured into room temperature glasses. They are from local breweries so it was safe. The cans were cute and the beer unremarkable.

The menu includes a chief specials and a pork special. The evening that we were there the pork special was a ham steak for thirty dollars. This seemed a bit steep when you can go to the Publix next door and get a ham steak for five dollars.

We ordered a Heritage Swine, a flat bread topped with cheese, bacon, and tomato. It was good but a bit overpriced. This progressed to the chicken with corn. I did love the sweet corn but did not know that the chicken would be curry flavored, which is not my favorite. The yogurt sauce was yummy.

The restaurant has many things going for it but the prices are high for the food you get. The idea of farm to table is fantastic. Local farms and supporting the community is important.

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